A huge thank you to everyone who came out to our shows in the North East. This was our attempt to see how the shows would go, and we were blown away by the response. Thank you all for coming out and supporting the band. We had a blast and we'll be back soon and get to more cities ASAP.

This run for us was the beginning of moving the band truly forward, not just paying tribute to our past. We showcased two new Tsunami Bomb songs (the first new songs in over a decade) and were very happy with the response. Look for more new songs to start popping up in the set from now on. Thank you to Kat at Bucket City Agency for putting the run together. Charlie Price and Ariana Davi, we couldn't hope for better support on the road. Thank you both so much. A huge thank you to Andy Pohl for stepping up for us this year and sharing his fantastic guitar work with us. We are all so happy to have you on board.

A big shout out to for their live stream interview they did with us in New Jersey, you can see the live stream video HERE and the interview transcript HERE. As well as to for their amazing review of our Philadelphia show HERE

Next up is a limited two date appearance in Texas to pay tribute to Chris LaForge. For those of you who don't know, Chris was the guitarist for the legendary Nitro Records band 30 Foot Fall. He also stepped in to fill in as guitarist for Tsunami Bomb all last year. He was incredibly important to us, and his passing in May was devastating to us and to the Houston, Texas music scene.  We miss him everyday, and we look forward to celebrate his life on Thursday, August 24th in San Antonio, TX and Friday, August 25th in Houston, TX. Head over to our TOURS page for tickets and details.

Although both shows will be donating money to the LaForge family, Bomb Squad Tattoo Club members still get free passes, we just ask you to consider making a donation to the family though the GO FUND ME that is still live. Contact us as normal for your tickets or comment below.