A Thank You To Our Fans

A thank you to our fans-

We are so incredibly grateful for the love, passion, and active support each of you have given us. We've seen time and time again, that Tsunami Bomb fans are anything but fair weather. They give their hearts and trust to this band, and for that, there are not enough words of gratitude we can say. You give so much and that means the world.

What we want each of you to know, is that while you may not always see us, our focus, passion, and dedication to Tsunami Bomb is constant.

Do we want to play more cities and meet more of you? Yes
Are we working on new music to share with the world? Yes

We bring this up, because it's important to say. We are committed to you, our fans, our family. Part of that commitment is honoring the quality we provide.

We WILL play more shows. Though it won't be as often as we like, we promise to bring everything we've got to the stage.

We WILL share new songs with the world. They won't be rushed, or haphazard, they will be labors of love and that takes time.

What it comes down to is thank you. Know that we work literally everyday to move forward as a group.

And a promise to you all- we love this band. We love you all. And we will never undervalue either of those facts.

So thank you.

Love, Tsunami Bomb.