To all Bomber's in Oregon!

More than a few of you have noticed we are not playing Oregon on this upcoming Northwestern run, so we think it's only fair we explain what happened.

It actually was our intention to play Portland, OR on that group of shows, but apparently we had some difficulty setting a show up there within the timeframe of our availability. Our agent decided to save the trip by making sure we could still visit the northwest, and we are very grateful to her and the clubs who have invited us out to play so we can still come out there and see you all. We are very excited to come out!

Since the dates have been announced, we have had a number of bands and contacts be suggested to us for the Oregon area. We are forwarding all those suggestions to our booking agent for a future show and we have every intention to returning to Oregon as soon as we can. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us, because we do want to come out there, so plan to hear from us when we can schedule a return show back up that way.

I know that it's frustrating when a band doesn't come out to your area, we all know that feeling all too well (we go to shows too). It means the world that so many care about this band enough to come see us. We are very sorry it didn't work out this time, and we promise we'll come to Oregon as soon as we can.

For the record, if you are a promoter (or know someone that is) that would like us to come to your city or club, please feel free to reach our to our booking agent at Crawlspace Booking so we can make arrangements to do so as soon as our schedule allows. (BTW if we have an opportunity to play an all ages show, we would very much prefer that...)

Thanks all! See you soon.

Tsunami Bomb