Well, by now many of you are figuring out what the surprise was... so we should come clean. 

Today we have released two brand new tracks for free, as an exclusive download for everyone on our Bomb Squad Mailing List!  These tracks, "Lullaby For The End Of The World" and "Naysayers" will be available on all digital platforms on Friday, October 5th. However, YOU don't have to wait that long. All you have to do to get the tracks for FREE is sign up on our mailing list RIGHT HERE, and the tracks will be send to you as part of your welcome email! 

A little more detail about the songs?  

Oobliette Sparks had this to say about the greater meaning of “LULLABY FOR THE END OF THE WORLD”:

“I have people with views so opposite mine that its enraging, but I can still hug them at the end of the day. I believe this divide that keeps growing and has infested our population to not want to listen to anyone with beliefs other than their own, could be our own big bang. It saddens me that it's rare to see a positive open dialog anymore.
I may not agree with you on your stances, but I will stand behind your right to have them 100%. What I can't stand behind is people hiding behind their computer screens, attacking strangers for their opinions and acting like they really care about what's going on. 
Whatever the wrongs you think need to be righted, get the fuck up, walk out your front door, and make some change. It starts with you.”
As for “NAYSAYERS”, Kate Jacobi admits that it’s,

“A song inspired by and for our friend, Chris LaForge*. It’s so easy to get caught up in making plans or reflecting on the past. “NAYSAYERS” is about living your life on your own terms every single day. Not waiting for permission or making excuses for the place you are in. It’s about seizing the moment, living your life to the fullest, and defining success for yourself. So, a thank you to Chris; for reminding us that every day was ours to live and how truly lucky we were to be together doing what we love.”

If you haven't got them yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up on our mailing list RIGHT HERE and let us know what you think of the new tracks! 


*For those wondering, Chris LaForge was our very close friend, and he filled in on guitar for us before Andy joined. He was most known for his incredible band, 30 Foot Fall from Houston. He passed away last year and we miss him a great deal. He was an incredibly talented musician, and an amazing person.